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The waveshaper filter is an experimental filter that shapes the input wave by a simple function. It is mostly meant as a voice distortion filter.

There is one parameter to adjust the severity of the effect.

// Set up wave shaper
gWaveshaper.setParams(0.1f, 1);  
// Set the filter as the first filter of the bus
gBus.setFilter(0, &gWaveshaper); 


Set the parameters of the filter.

gWaveshaper.setParams(0.3f, 1);

Changing the parameters via setParams() does not affect "live" sounds. Live parameters can be set, faded or oscillated:

  gMusicHandle, // Sound handle
  0,            // First filter
  1,            // What to adjust
  0,            // Target value
  3);           // Time in seconds

Live Parameter Access

All filters inherit the live parameter access functions.

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