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Voice Groups

Sometimes you may want to command several voices at the exact same time. Unpausing two sounds on subsequent lines in code may work most of the time, but it not guaranteed, and in the worst case one of them will not make it to the same sound buffer as the other.

Problem unpausing two voices. Delay may vary, 40ms used as an example.

SoLoud's solution to this problem are voice groups. You create a voice group handle, add voice handles to it, and then use the voice group handle just like you'd use a voice handle. The voice group handles are not, however, "fire and forget" like the normal voice handles, and you have to destroy them manually. You don't have to destroy them if you keep reusing them.

Destroying voice group does not destroy the voices attached to it.

You may allocate up to 4095 voice group handles.

Example of use:

// Create group
SoLoud::handle gh = soloud.createVoiceGroup();

// Add voices to group
soloud.addVoiceToGroup(gh, music1);
soloud.addVoiceToGroup(gh, music2);

// unpause both musics in one atomic op    
soloud.setPause(gh, 0); 

// Clean up, destroy group. Leaves actual voices alone.


Used to create a new voice group. Returns 0 if not successful (either out of memory or out of voice groups).

grouphandle = soloud.createVoiceGroup();
if (grouphandle == 0) panic();


Deallocates the voice group. Does not stop the voices attached to the voice group.



Adds voice handle to the voice group. The voice handles can still be used separate from the group.

soloud.addVoiceToGroup(grouphandle, music1);
soloud.addVoiceToGroup(grouphandle, music2);
soloud.setPause(grouphandle, 0); // play both musics
soloud.fadeVolume(music1, 1, 5); // fade music 1 up
soloud.fadeVolume(music2, 0, 5); // fade music 2 down


Checks if the handle is a valid voice group. Does not care if the voice group is empty.

if (soloud.isVoiceGroup(grouphandle))


Checks whether a voice group is empty. SoLoud automatically trims the voice groups of voices that have ended, so the group may be empty even though you've added valid voice handles to it.

while (!soloud.isVoiceGroupEmpty(voicegroup))

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