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This filter tries to remove DC signal from the audio. In other words, it tries to center the waveform around 0. This can be useful if some of the input waveforms gets stuck on non-zero values for a long time.

The filter does not support changing of parameters on the fly, nor does it take changing of relative play speed into account.

The DC removal is performed by calculating the average sample value over a relatively long period of time, and subtracting this from the output.

There is one parameter - how long the averaging buffer should be. The time is in seconds.

// Set up DC removal filter
// Set the filter as the first filter of the bus
gBus.setFilter(0, &gDCRemovalFilter); 


Set the parameters of the filter.


Changing the parameters does not affect "live" sounds. If invalid parameters are given, the function will return error.

Live Parameter Access

All filters inherit the live parameter access functions.

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