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The flanger filter can be used to create a "flanger" effect on the signal. Applying this on a human voice may sound more "robotic", for instance.

// Set up flanger filter
gFlangerFilter.setParams(0.005f, 10);  
// Set the filter as the first filter of the bus
gBus.setFilter(0, &gFlangerFilter); 

It's also possible to set, fade or oscillate the parameters of a "live" filter

  gMusicHandle, // Sound handle
  0,            // First filter
  SoLoud::LofiFilter::WET, // What to adjust
  0,            // Target value
  3);           // Time in seconds

Currently, four parameters can be adjusted:

Parameter Description
WET Filter's wet signal; 1.0f for fully filtered, 0.0f for original, 0.5f for half and half.
FREQ Filter's frequency
DELAY Filter's delay


Set the parameters of the filter.

gFlangerFilter.setParams(0.005f, 10);  

Changing the parameters does not affect "live" sounds. If invalid parameters are given, the function will return error.

Live Parameter Access

All filters inherit the live parameter access functions.

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