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The robotize filter modulates the signal with a waveform. By default this is a square wave adjusted to have half of its period at zero, resulting at a choppy sound. Various waveforms can be selected for different effects.


Set the parameters for the filter. Does not affect "live" sounds.

robo.setParams(30, 0);

Supported waveforms include:

Waveform Description
WAVE_SQUARE Raw, harsh square wave
WAVE_SAW Raw, harsh saw wave
WAVE_SIN Sine wave
WAVE_TRIANGLE Triangle wave
WAVE_BOUNCE Bounce, i.e, abs(sin())
WAVE_JAWS Quater sine wave, rest of period quiet
WAVE_HUMPS Half sine wave, rest of period quiet
WAVE_FSQUARE "Fourier" square wave; less noisy
WAVE_FSAW "Fourier" saw wave; less noisy

Live Parameter Access

All filters inherit the live parameter access functions.

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