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The biquad resonant filter is a surprisingly cheap way to implement low and high pass filters, as well as some kind of band bass filter.

The implementation in SoLoud is based on "Using the Biquad Resonant Filter", Phil Burk, Game Programming Gems 3, p. 606.

The filter has three parameters - sample rate, cutoff frequency and resonance. These can also be adjusted on live streams, for instance to fade the low pass filter cutoff frequency for a outdoors/indoors transition effect.

The resonance parameter adjusts the sharpness (or bandwidth) of the cutoff.

// Set up low-pass filter
gBQRFilter.setParams(SoLoud::BiquadResonantFilter::LOWPASS, 500, 2);  
// Set the filter as the second filter of the bus
gBus.setFilter(1, &gBQRFilter); 

It's also possible to set, fade or oscillate the parameters of a "live" filter

  gMusicHandle, // Sound handle
  0,            // First filter
  SoLoud::BiquadResonantFilter::FREQUENCY, // What to adjust
  2000,         // Target value
  3);           // Time in seconds

Currently, four parameters can be adjusted:

Parameter Description
WET Filter's wet signal; 1.0f for fully filtered, 0.0f for original, 0.5f for half and half.
FREQUENCY Filter's cutoff frequency
RESONANCE Filter's resonance - higher means sharper cutoff


Set the parameters of the filter.

gBQRFilter.setParams(SoLoud::BiquadResonantFilter::LOWPASS, 44100, 500, 2);  

Changing the parameters does not affect "live" sounds. If invalid parameters are given, the function will return error.

Live Parameter Access

All filters inherit the live parameter access functions.

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