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C sharp (C#) API

One of the generated glue interfaces for SoLoud is the C sharp API (C#).

All of the existing interfaces can be used via the C sharp API, but features that require extending SoLoud are not available.

Using the C sharp API

The glue file soloud.cs can be found under the "glue" directory.

Include the soloud.cs from the glue directory in your project, and make sure the SoLoud DLL is in the same directory as your executable files.

C sharp API Example

The C sharp API mirrors the c++ API.

If the c++ API functions have default parameters, the same function in the C sharp API will also have default parameters.

As an example, here's a simple example in the C++ api:

SoLoud::Soloud soloud;
SoLoud::Speech speech;

speech.setText("Hello c++ api");

soloud.init(SoLoud::Soloud::CLIP_ROUNDOFF |


// ...


Converted to the C sharp API, this becomes:

SoLoud.Soloud soloud = new SoLoud.Soloud();
SoLoud.Speech speech = new SoLoud.Speech();

speech.setText("Hello c sharp api");

soloud.init(SoLoud.Soloud.CLIP_ROUNDOFF |


// ...


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