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Premake / GENie

SoLoud comes with a GENie script. GENie is a fork of premake4, and the script may still be compatible with the latest premake.

If you want to build SoLoud as static library (instead of including the source files in your project) this can be handy.

GENie can be downloaded from Premake can be downloaded from

Unfortunately, GENie cannot magically figure out where your libraries may be installed, so you may have to edit the genie.lua file. The lines to edit can be found at the very beginning of the file, with the following defaults:

local sdl_root       = "/libraries/sdl"
local sdl2_root      = "/libraries/sdl2"
local portmidi_root  = "/libraries/portmidi"
local dxsdk_root     = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft ..."
local portaudio_root = "/libraries/portaudio"
local openal_root    = "/libraries/openal"

You will most likely want to edit at least the sdl2_root variable. After your edits, you can run GENie to generate makefiles or the IDE project files of your preference, such as:

genie vs2017

The current version (984) supports cmake, GNU makefiles (gmake), ninja, qbs, vs2010, vs2012, vs2013, vs2015, vs2017, xcode8, xcode9, xcode10.

You can also use one or more of the optional parameters to change the build behavior.

Option Description
soloud-devel Shorthand for options used while developing SoLoud
with-common-backends Includes common backends in build
with-coreaudio Include OS X CoreAudio backend in build
with-jack Include JACK backend in build
with-jack-only Only include JACK backend in build
with-miniaudio Include MiniAudio in build
with-miniaudio-only Only include MiniAudio in build
with-native-only Only native backends (winmm/oss) in build (default)
with-nosound Include nosound backend in build
with-openal Include OpenAL backend in build
with-portaudio Include PortAudio backend in build
with-sdl Include SDL backend in build
with-sdl-only Only include sdl in build
with-sdl2 Include SDL2 backend in build
with-sdl2-only Only include sdl2 in build
with-sdl2static-only Only include sdl2 that doesn't use dyndll in build
with-sdlstatic-only Only include sdl that doesn't use dyndll in build
with-tools Include (optional) tools in build
with-vita-homebrew-only Only include PS Vita homebrew backend in build
with-wasapi Include WASAPI backend in build
with-xaudio2 Include XAudio2 backend in build

So for example, in order to build SoLoud with sdl2static and tools on vs2013, use:

genie --with-sdl2static-only --with-tools vs2013

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