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In order for SoLoud to be usable from other languages than C++, glue code needs to be written. Most environments are able to use "C" DLL:s, and this is one of the things SoLoud has.

For most cases, you won't need to care about the codegen. Here's some information, however, if should you be curious.

Writing and maintaining glue code by hand is, however, tedious and prone to errors, so all of the glue code for SoLoud is generated with scripts.

The "C" API is automatically generated from the c++ sources via the codegen tool that is part of the SoLoud sources. In most cases you won't need to use the codegen yourself.

Code generation path

The codegen tool parses the SoLoud headers and generates the needed headers and wrapper cpp code, as well as the DLL .def file, and a Python file which can be used to generate glue libraries for other environments (such as Python itself).

The generated Python file has also turned out to be useful in writing of this documentation, as it was pretty easy to write a script that checks whether a function has been documented or not.

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