Sol's Graphics for Beginners

01 - Setting Up SDL

(last revised 8. August 2005)

This chapter is available in different flavors:

Setting Up SDL with VC6 for VC6 and Visual Studio 6 users.

Setting Up SDL with Visual Studio.NET 2003 for Visual Studio.NET 2003 users.

Setting Up SDL with Dev-C++ for Bloodshed Dev-C++ users.

Setting Up SDL in Linux (by Larry Reznick).

Setting up SDL in Mac OS X for mac users.

If you don't have visual studio, you may wish to check out Dev-C++. It's a gcc/mingw based free IDE (development environment) for Windows.

If you're using a different version of visual studio, the vc6 or the tutorials may still be helpful in setting it up.

If you're on a non-windows platform, the other platform tutorials may contain some pointers on how to get SDL applications to compile.

If you've already been here or just want to read on, you may wish to skip the development environment setup and go directly to 02 - SDL Skeleton and Putting Pixels..

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