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I write stories in English every now and then. I'd like to do it more but unfortunately I don't have too much time..

I'd like to emphasize the fact that English is not my native language.. the fact that most of the stuff here is first-draft material does not improve matters.

I've also posted some of this stuff on some other sites and such, so you may have seen them. Probably not, though. If you're interested in reprinting any of my material, please ask for my permission first.

Comments are more than welcome! (hint hint)


The Fall of Ronald the Wonder Wizard

2006, Fantasy

Ever wondered why there's monsters in the sewer in every fantasy RPG out there?


(my better stories)


1999, Fantasy

The fantasy world in this one just hit me; I'm planning on using it and these characters further in a longer story.


('drifter 2'), 1999, Fantasy

A brief story in the same vein as 'drifter', but the two bits are somewhat inconsistent. Before touching this world again I'll have to make some notes..

Auburn May

1998, Romantic

This one started out by trying to abuse the first line of the story. Mix in some rather cold weather..



2002, Children's story, poem

This is the story from our Assembly2002 demo, 'fable'.

Variations of a Theme I

2002, Various

An exercise I made for myself during my vacation. Explaining it before you read it would spoil it. Trust me. =)

Jack and the Devil

2002, Fantasy (I guess)

Jack had always been unnaturally unlucky, but what does the devil want from him? Note: includes some cursing.


2001, Scifi

Veteran assassin gets a job that's just too weird to ignore..


2001, Scifi

Why should teleportation be noticeable?


2001, Scifi

Things change a bit when you're abroad for a while..


2000, Fantasy

A thief at work in a fantasy setting. This is the first draft. I'm considering rewriting it properly.

On time

1999, Scifi

Why time travel is pointless.


1999, Scifi

Don't sleep with your socks on. This story came to me after doing so.


1999, Fantasy

What if magic is just something we've forgotten?


1999, Scifi

I found myself having this stupid habit of counting seconds, and built a story out of that (and hey, I managed to break the habit that way).

The Weaver

1995, Romantic, Sci-fi

First story I wrote - in any language, and English is not my native one. I still think the story has a lot of potential, and could use a rewrite.

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