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The validity of the links depends on whether the reality has decided to be accurate or not.


Sluggy Freelance The daily comic strip that keeps us sane nowadays.

Sinfest The daily comic strip that keeps us insane.

xkcd The comic strip that keeps us.. I give up.

Dilbert Another techie cartoon.

Kevin and Kell Cute techie animal family toon.

Megatokyo Relax, we understand j00.

Tech news

Escapist Game news, thoughtful articles, fun videos and clueless message boards.

SlashDot Politically biased news for linux nerds.

Gamasutra Gamemakers of the world unite.. news and articles.

GameDev Game development website.

Devmaster Flipcode replacement.

Blue's news Game news site.

Kotaku More game news than you'll ever need.

Futuremark's YouGamers Pretty good game-news feed.


Toni Lönnberg Also known as !Cube/Trauma.

Jetro Lauha Also known as Tonic/Trauma.

Crest Crest, a demoscene veteran. Rest in peace.


XyzzyNews Magazine for interactive fiction enthustiastics. Rather dormant nowadays.

Inform Infocom-engine interactive fiction authoring language.

Netfunny Usenet jokes and comedy archive.

Lurker's guide to b5 Babylon 5 stuff. Lots. Watch out for spoilers.

Scene stuff

demoDVD Project by ex-hornet guys to make dvds of old demos. Yay! Current de-facto demoscene site The black lotus - cool windows stuff. Cubic team & $een - lots of coding stuff etc. The finnish annual demoparty.

HUGI The only real discmag on PC these days.

Pouët Demo link library with comments etc.

Companies and applications

PELock PELock - software copy protection and license key system

Webreaper Pretty good web batch download program. Free, too.

Planetside Makers of Terragen, very promising landscape renderer.

PHP Html precompiler, sort-of. Absolutely kickass.

Futuremark Former, former futuremark corporation; 3dMark home.


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