I don't really know how to make music, but I like to.. I don't know what the word for music is, but let's say doodle.

It's very confusing to me when composer friends of mine start talking about notes and whatnot, as I have to admit that I don't know any of that stuff. Would like to learn, but who has the time.. =)

On this page you can find some of my.. doodlings. The quality of these is all over the place.

Licence: cc-by-nc-nd. Contact me in the unlikely event of wanting to use these in something and if you want a more liberal license.


Random circuit tracks loop.


Got circuit tracks, this loop is the first thing that I've made on it that doesn't sound like utter garbage.


Keystep37 sequencer plus live playing.


The melody I jammed earlier, but due to its nontrivial rythm I couldn't simply step sequence it. I loaded one simple (but boring) 120bpm drum loop from NI komplete, and then played it live on top of that, slowly, to keep in the rythm of the beat. Then I sped up the melody 2x, which still works with the beat, and replaced the beat with another, more interesting 120bpm drum loop. Added a bass line, little bit of filters (but trying not to overdo it again), and there we go. Rendered with reaper with a 1 second tail, and mixed that tail back to the start in audacity for a perfect loop.


Started off with keystep37 sequencer plus live playing, split bass/sequence to different instruments, added and modified NI studio drummer phrase, and went totally nuts with filters.


Keystep37 sequencer plus live playing, plus drums from NI 60's drummer.


Keystep37 sequencer plus live playing, ran through a guitar rig filter.


Keystep37 sequencer plus live playing.


A komplete instrument + guitar rig filter.


Experiment with the keystep37 strum function. Played live.


Composed during a phone meeting. Reface dx looper + live playing. Some filtered white noise added in audacity.


Proof that I could get something recognizable out of my kalimba.


The full mix of the tAAt 2021 new year demo. The demo itself mixes various layers for a crazy long runtime.


Wavestate testing. All live playing of a single wavestate preset.


Reface dx, playing one low note and jamming on the higher end.


Simple horrory loop.


Experiment using a cheap midi drum kit.


An experiment with guitar rig filters.


A quick experiment I did after getting my hands on komplete. Recorded directly to audacity from massive.


A slightly less quick experiment, combining massive with a guitar rig filter. I wish reaper had an option to render-as-loopable but that doesn't seem to be the case..


This was the first experiment I did with renoise.


Another renoise experiment.


Done with ableton live lite for a ludum dare game. I snipped several samples from this and played them randomly to make a more or less infinite soundtrack.


A NI reaktor player experiment, tied two instruments (a fm sequence and a drum kit) to the same midi input; the whole "song" is just one keypress.


another renoise experiment.


another renoise experiment.

Comments, etc, welcome as usual.