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In 2015 I turned 40. I also got inspired to dig into the home computer from my childhood, the zx spectrum 48k. This may be a mid-life crisis thing, but if it is, it's pretty mild.

I've ended up doing enough stuff for the speccy for it to justify a new subsection of the site, so here goes!

Most of the sources to my projects are in this github. Image Spectrumizer github is here.


Online emulator

Online emulator for all my zx spectrum releases.


Image Spectrumizer

Artist tool to make art in zx spectrum limitations


z80 tutorial

z80 assembler tutorial, where I write a complete game from scratch for the zx spectrum in 100% assembler step by step.


Speccy, Vol 1: Ressurrection

Wherein I ressurrect my old zx spectrum

Speccy, Vol 2: Speccy 101

Covering (most of) the speccy hardware and limitations

Speccy, Vol 3: Sprites

Where I tackle the problem of sprites for the first time

Speccy, Vol 4: Compressed Loading Images

First steps towards neat packaging of applications

Speccy, Vol 5: Making Releases

More decisive solution to neat packaging of applications

Speccy, Vol 6: Some Little Details

Covering interrupt handling and keyboard and joystick input.

Speccy, Vol 7: SolarGun

My first speccy game release

Speccy, Vol 8: The 128k

Getting the 128k speccy to run

Speccy, Vol 9: Attack of the RGBobots

The second game, made in Ludum Dare 48h game design competition

Speccy, Vol 10: Rotten Egg Mines

Very quickly made game for the Comp Sys Sinclair Crap Games Competition

Speccy, Vol 11: QuizTron 48000

A slightly more abitious game - multiplayer trivia

Speccy, Vol 12: Mazeract

Multi-dimensional maze game.

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