This is a catch-all page for all the stuff that I do that don't seem to fit anywhere else.

"The ethics of the artificial improvement of the human genome"

An essay I wrote in highschool.. some people have asked for it. English translation of the original, naturally.

So you want to make a MMORPG..

Rant on all these newbie MMORPG projects.

SolVBE, the universal VESA driver for Win2k/WinXP

One hobby project of mine - to enable some old DOS games (and demos) under windows.

Once Upon a Keyboard

I decided to clean my keyboard after my coworkers threatened to call the health officials.

8051 emulator

A rather comprehensive 8051 emulator project.

Ludum Dare Survival Guide

I wrote a set of "rules", following which you can ensure success at a Ludum Dare 48h game design contest (or at least improve your chances). Most of these rules are pretty good for any kind of crunch project.


Hardware project; stalled after I made the first board which didn't work, and suddenly had much better things to do. Still, has some nice pictures and AVR source code.


Simple GIF animation paint program project.

Putting Magic Back In Magic

Some ideas on how to make magic feel a bit more like magic in computer games..

Duality of Visual and Physical Realities in Game Designs

A theory on how the visual and physical worlds in games are linked, or often, how they aren't.

The Art and Science of Text Mode Conversion

Description of the algorithms I've used for rgb->text mode graphics conversion, and what kind of research has gone into them.

The Vivarium

Some pretty pictures and description of how we've rigged fans and fog generator in our vivarium to make it comfy for my wife's orchids.

Recent Search Terms Collection

Collection of all the weird search terms that have found their way to my site.


Images and memories of my time in Israel, working for 3Dion.

"Porting from DOS to Windows"

My article from Game Developer Magazine, detailing how I ported Death Rally to modern systems.

"Don't ask to ask, just ask"

The #1 rule for IRC conversations. Or conversations in general.

Bookworm Deluxe Aimbot

So I wrote a bot that plays PopCap's Bookworm Deluxe.


A few thoughts about playfields in various player-vs-player games.