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Recent Search Terms

Here's a collection of the "Recent Search Terms" postings I've done on my site. Basically I browse through website logs (currently using google analytics) and look at the search terms people have used in search engines (mostly google) to find their way to my site.

avr circuit simulator for ubuntu atanua

Sorry, never got around to implementing it, even thought I got sources to an avr simulator and license to use it.

common stories of sol

I guess I do repeat myself sometimes.

concept of lookup table in graphics tutorial

Concept. Okay. First, calculate something. Then, realize you're calculating that exact same thing a lot. So how about storing the value and reusing the result. But you have a range of values. So instead of storing one value, you store a table of values. And that table is a lookup table. Not really limited to graphics, though. Common lookup tables in graphics (historically) are color lookup tables, screen offset tables, and trigonometric tables, such as sin and cos, for old enough machines where calculating those is really expensive.

death rally creators dos

That would be remedy entertainment.

how to make a audio engine in c++

Through a long, tedious, but also rather interesting learning process.

how to port dos program to windows

Learn DOS programming. Learn Windows programming. Not necessarily in that order. Now you know how.

how to use escapi

Look at the example source code, maybe?

want to make a mmo how to get started 2015

Same way as before: learn absolutely everything about everything first. And/or become rich.

webcam dll multi device support

Depends on the make and model of webcams. Some work, others don't. Most people don't use multiple webcams at once, and thus the developers don't always expect that.

white magic spells that work

Click here to feel better.

why are busses so loud

They are relatively heavy vehicles, and thus require rather a lot of energy to move, and acoustics isn't the primary concern. While I do believe that it would be possible to design a bus that's fairly silent, I trust that people would prefer just getting whereever they're going at a cheaper rate than ride on a bus that doesn't make so much noise.

faded white circle

Sounds like a pop album.

java bit mask hack 32

I kinda feel sad that something that's probably very basic in programming is considered a "hack" or "low level" these days.

"port from dos to windows" success rate

I have no idea what the success rate is, it probably depends on the persons doing the project (and their motivation).. and naturally the state of the original product.

ascii art 256 level grayscale ramp

How exactly are you going to turn (approx) 94 glyphs into a 256 level ramp?

bachelor thesis layout

Varies from school to school, and also from department to department.

c++ program to implement a simulation of the children's game musical chairs. in this game, assume that we start with n children and a collection of n - 1 chairs.

Sounds like a fun programming homework.

can i create a windowed 3d program in dx7


can kilrathi saga be played on windows 7


cheats for bookworm popcap don't work anymore

Why would you cheat in bookworm..?

circle with triangle inside paranormal

Sounds spooky.

code to create child window to send message "hello"

Will MessageBox do?

fate of sol story

Not written yet.

hate israel

I don't.

how do display window with only client area c code winapi

Twiddle with the window flags a bit.

how does atanua (simulator) work ?

Virtual blue smoke.

how to cover a ball with paper neatly

First shred the paper to little bits, mix with some glue-like substance, and then paint the ball with the resulting pulp.

how to make a spell work

You mean in a game, right?

how to make a time in the logic lab

Usually by using some kind of clock source.

how to remove in .cfl file in unix

Extract all files and then re-build the cfl with only the files you want.

how to start off making an mmorpg

Make lots of smaller projects first.

i have ideas for an mmorpg what should i do?

Write a book.

magic bare bones tutorial

Umm.. magic the gathering maybe..?

magic spells that really work

Soooo, you're NOT talking about games then..

modeling natural fractal growth

Start off my modelling any natural process, and it kinda tends to follow from there.

my name is i was born 1997..... my hobby.... graduate years.... this my excellent cv


terra nova: strike force centauri source code

Oh, I wish.

what are instances in rendering

Re-rendering the same data with some variant parameter (like position/orientation/scale/skinning/color/whatever).

what is width and height

[flips table]

what type of application software do you think would be most difficult to learn +way

One that doesn't explain inputs and produces almost random output? Oh, I just described "dragon's lair" / "space ace".

write a c program that simulates a guessing game. each turn, you choose among nine possible guesses.

More homework! Yay!

x rise to power 0=1 sol pls


32 bit masking instead of 16 bit

Use eight hex digits instead of four.

"juho vesanen"

I've found Juho to be harder to reach than many CEOs I've known. I wonder what he's up to these days.

aesthetics on logic probes

Just the facts, ma'm.

atanua free full download

It always is. Sure, there's nags, but the downloads are full.

bit twiddling cx8 compiler

xc8 appears to be a 8-bit microcontroller C compiler. As long as you just keep to the 8-bit limits (i.e, "int" may actually be 16 or even 8 bit), normal bit trickery should work fine.

bitwise 1 3 7 15 31 63 127 255 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Use the calculator in your computer. Switch it to "programmer" mode or some such. You're welcome.

can dos extenders be rewritten to use current memory addressing

Why? The applications that use said dos extenders can't really benefit from the larger memory space.. and the dos extenders run fine under dosbox.

complete project with source code of 2d l system and fractal image compression in c++ using opengl


convert ascii art to image.

Show on screen. Take screenshot. Save it.

disable direct draw hack

Delete, or rename, the direct draw hack dll(s).

game sprite jaggy

Call it "old-school" and charge more money.

good sols rule


hal meaning directdraw

Hardware Abstraction Layer. You talk to an API, API talks to various hardware. You get unified interface.

how to earn money in mmorpg project

That's the trick, now, isn't it?

how to run terra nova: strike force centauri

With dosbox.

interpolation for b in range (0,3):

You can do it directly, but I prefer scaling to 0..1 range first (and scaling back up later).

ludum dare rules

Yes, it does!

michael menz crest

Rest in peace.

u96 speech synthesizer windows

I wish. I had one in an old CP/M machine.

what does cd/dvd drive 'ide primary master mean' on virtualbox

IDE controllers can handle two devices, master and slave. PCs, including virtual ones, have several IDE controllers, first one being primary.

what is "fi" in dos programming

In some languages, 'fi' ends an 'if' block.

de-bugging the millennium falcon key

I think you're just supposed to bang the roof for things to run smoothly.

did someone solve the directdraw problem?

Which one?

does textmode consume less power?

Good question!

easiest way to interpolate

if (invalue > treshold) return 1; else return 0;

fan for blowing fog

Whatever rocks your boat, dude..

fan tape generator

Are you kids too lazy to record your own fan tapes these days?

games that make your own person and fun stuff

Aren't we being specific today?

how to draw to the screen using only dll calls

Well, technically, everything you do to put stuff on the screen on a modern OS goes through dll calls at some point..

i wanna make my own money system

1. Make a limited amount of something with no intrinsic value. 2. Find people who find the thing of value. 3. Profit

layout für bachelor thesis

That varies from Schule zu Schule. Sometimes even inside one school, too.

pascal language discovered by whom

Discovered. You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

sin interpolator

Yes, that's a pretty good metaphysical question. At which point can we say a sin has been commited? Killing a person just a little? Being unfaithful just a little? How would you interpolate from sin-less to sinned? Where's the treshold?

stories on time

Once upon a time the end.

survival guide

1. Avoid dying.

what classes would i have to take to create my own web based mmo games


8051 is a?

Number. It's not a prime, since 83*97=8051.

another way to say interpolate

You could try sticking your tongue to the roof of your mouth and get something like "intelpoleit".

applications of immediate mode addressing

Depending on the architecture, there may be some known addresses; for instance, in DOS you could get the current time tick by reading from a certain address. Other known addresses might be ram-mapped I/O ports, for instance. And when programming for microcontrollers, just about everything is a known address.

bachelor thesis layout

Varies from school to school. Sometimes even within the school.

black and white curves

Curves drawn with just black and white, or curves depicting black and white?

cheat for atanua

Press Alt.

free typing both name and cast a love spell on internet

I don't even.

how directdraw works

I'd hazard a guess that it performs some simple calculations itself, but mostly delegates work to graphics drivers through some well-defined interface.

print a diamond of starks in dev c++

I don't know what a 'stark' is. And I probably don't want to.

rifle case that connects to my backpack


what's immediate mode

Opposed to deferred or retained mode, immediate mode performs actions more or less immediately. Compare drawing a triangle now to adding a triangle to a list to be processed later.

why do we have to obey all the design rules

For the users to have a coherent experience across applications, without having to learn to use every single one all over again.

why smooth step have sine

Because sine is smooooooooooooooooth.

why we use interpolation

It's an optimization.

"all of the following interpolation techniques are based on weighted averages, except one. which one?"

It never quite ceases to amaze me how many people seem to be delegating their homework questions...

"write a program that displays a checker-board in which each white and black cell is a jbuttonwith a background black or white," Google. How these ended up on my site is another mystery.

"im,jikuyyu ui"

So's this.

alesis q49 + virtualbox

Never tried. I suppose it should work like any other USB device though?

answers to galaxql 2.0

Yeah yeah. At this point I fear it would probably be a re-designed GalaXQL 3.0 as during the project I figured out how I should have made it in the first place, and it was far too late to change at that point. Since there's no incentive for me to actually make GalaXQL 3.0, though, don't hold your breath. (Feel free to give me incentives though).

arb_instanced_arrays tutorial

Damn you, minecraft.

atanua for mac

Since Apple stopped supporting me, I stopped supporting Apple. So it's kinda mutual.

Less snarkily, I have no financial incentive to support Atanua on macs, and Apple keeps breaking builds.

bachelor thesis layout

Varies from institution to institution.

can dev c++ game have save feature


can using artwork instead of words be more beneficial?

In what way?

can we do division by using char data type in c using bitwise operation

Yes-ish? Everything's a bitwise operation eventually..

could i use galaxql as the basis for a game

I suppose.

dangerous spells

All of 'em.

debugging the millenium falcon pythagorean theorem

The what?

diablo 3 resolution 320x200 hack


difference between plotpixel and putpixel in computer graphics


drawing a cube from a shader

You mean a geometry shader?

easy way to do interpolation

Simplify range to 0..1.

explain the (when one teaches two learn)

If you don't get it, you've never truly taught anyone.

how i design a logical circuit for traffic lights using gates on atunua

This was a fun find; seems like someone's giving some real schoolwork based on Atanua =)

how to convert an image to a specific color palette

Depends on what you mean.. tone mapping or mapping to a specific N-color palette?

how to convert to text mode in photoshop

Photoshop has no text mode.

how to read files from a different folder in sdl tutorial


how to render lots of cubes

Damn you, minecraft.

i wanna make my own working game board

Working how?

if i don't own an ios device and i want to program unity ios

With difficulty.

in my cv which is correct national service done or finished

Who cares, as long as the point gets through.

include d3d.h what does it do?

Includes, or tries to include, the file called "d3d.h".

israel you are in my chair sitting


most common magic effect in games

I'd guess healing. Or if you mean visuals, probably fade to white. Or particles. Dunno.

pitfalls of immediate mode gui

They make easy things very easy, but they make hard things very, very difficult.

sdl tutorial finland guy

I actually laughed out loud.

terra nova sfc source port

One can only hope.

vbo cubes lot of

Damn you, minecraft.

what are the things i need to get sol

What's this, spice girls?

what does regeneration do in typomagia

The monsters heal while walking. Normally there's no healing.

what is analytics.sol file doing on my pc

No idea, sorry.

what is text mode screen better?

Hardly anything-

what is width and height


what things do you need to make your own game

Time, imagination, possibly some skills, but skills can be learned if you have time, and imagination.

where is segment vesa

I kinda recall it may be remappable, but usually the video memory segment, A000, is used.

best development environment for ludum dare

Whatever you're most comfortable with.

death rally remedy opensource


heightmap sphere generate from code

Damn it, you're right, I never ended up doing that. Gotta try it at some point.

how to create a tunnel effect on a wall

The first thing that came to mind was some kind of cartoony thing where you paint a black hole in a wall and someone believes it's a tunnel and hits the wall.. no idea what the searcher was looking for, though.

i want a model so that i can draw my own stuff in it


is there a way to see if someone is using hacks in a game

Depends. Sometimes, no. Sometimes, if the hack is not subtle enough. You can do statistics, spy on certain users somehow, run parallel simulations, etc. But if the hack is subtle and purely client-side, it may be impossible.

puppy ascii

Found this with a google search:

         /,    /`
   jgs   \\"--\\   Joan Stark

sandwich illinois sunsets


so you want to make an android mmorpg

What's next, so you want to make mmorpg with pants on your head?

what game company is looking for mmorpg ideas


which way is length width and height

You're kidding, right?

why does sol update recent search terms so rarely

This is obviously gaming the sytem, but I'll bite. First, lots of searches tend to repeat (and I hate answering those mmorpg queries, but it's hard to resist..). Second, there aren't too many interesting searches to answer. It seems like the totally weird searches no longer happen, which may mean that search engines are improving. Third, I'm lazy.

write a c program that simulates a guessing game. each turn you choose among nine possible guesses

...aaand here's your schoolwork question of the month.

"why" make your own 3d game engine

To learn. Doing a minimalistic 3d engine isn't all that difficult, actually. Then again, that's what they say about raytracers too, but I haven't managed to make one yet.

best awy to render alot of cubes

Bake the cubes into one primitive, so you can render lots of them with one draw call.

best way texture map sphere

I'd go with a cube map.

can we hack dll

Yes. A "hack" dll is usually a DLL that has the same signature (i.e, same entry points) as the "real" dll, which passes the calls to the "real" one, possibly changing some values from the program's calls.

can you code a windows application in c? winapi -"c++"

Yes. Microsoft has, in the past at least, been careful to enable using plain C in windows applications.

game why split render and tick

So that your game "physics" will run at the same speed regardless of the computer speed by skipping rendering (which, traditionally, has taken more time thatn the "physics").

how do you win death rally

Finish before the others.

how expensive is smoothstep

Let's see.

((x) * (x) * (3 - 2 * (x)))

I see three multiplications there. However, compared to whatever you're going to apply smoothstep to, this is probably rather trivial cost.

how much is it to rent a sandwich kiosk

Over 9000?

how to find amplitude and period

In your sampling, find the minimum and maximum value. That'll be your amplitude. The time between two peaks is the period.

how to make a sphere using paper

First, find a sphere you can use, like a football or glass sphere. Next, tear the paper into tiny bits. Boil the paper bits for a while, and then, while it's still wet, cover the sphere with the paper. Let dry. You may need to apply some glue, but I can't remember how that bit went. Anyway.

i finished my army service how can i write in my cv

Assuming you weren't doing anything classified, just write truthfully and you should be okay.

i have an idea for an mmo how to get started

Get lots of money.

i need to start my own mmorpg game

You have a problem telling needs and wants apart. You NEED food, water and air. You WANT a copy of the latest pop single.

i really want to make an mmorpg

That's better.

object hanging at rest from the end of a spring


sphere tessellation algorithm without duplicate edges and vertices

I suppose you could detect the wraparound in a shader.. or use a cubemap..

things you can do with bit shifting

Shift bits.

unique development studios source code

Lost. Forever. Gone. Assuming an employee didn't steal it before it was destroyed.

what can i use l-systems for

To generate content procedurally. Plants are an obvious use, but with some thought you can apply the same idea to whole cities, for instance.

what does r6030 crt not initialized mean

The runtime library gets called before being initialized. This may happen, for instance, when DLLs get initialized in a wrong order. It's tricky.

which is faster operation bitmask or left shift operator?

Depends. Benchmark it. In most cases, it doesn't matter.

why do full screen old games conflict with explorer direct draw

Microsoft messed up. Most likely they just don't care.

why turn head toward faint sound

Survival instinct.

why was let it snow written

If we only knew. Oh wait, why would we care? Possibly for monetary gain, anyway.

2d to sphere mapping

If you have problems figuring out why this is difficult, just try to wrap a piece of paper around a ball.

difference between direct method,simple dda method,increment dda method and integer dda method of line drawing in graphics


ansi c directx

As far as I know, there is a ansi c interface too, but nobody in their right minds would use it.

anti-cheating homework methods

Form questions in a way that they contain variables, with each variable unique on a per-student basis. That's a start.

can you cover a sphere with same sized triangles?

My first reaction was 'no', then after some thought, 'yes', so I'll go with 'definitely maybe'.

create a program in c programming that will do the following, choice 1 guessing game, choise 2 sorting, choice 3 ask


how do asciiart conversion algorithms work

Take n * n pixels. Match it against all glyphs available. Pick the one with least error. That's the basic idea.

how to extract middle bits from a stream of bits in bit manipulation

Shift and mask.

how to get to tambaram from chennai central

As far as I know, I don't refer to these places in India anywhere on this site, so how did you get here?

how to print a backspace in a textfield

Right. Or well, left.

how to set up directdraw with latest directx sdk 2011

You don't.

if a bit equals 1 a nibble=4 bits and a byte=8 bits then what do you get when you combined them all together

I actually got the same text as an email from someone, and I'm still wondering why he's talking to me.

the team did not want to have anything to do with the project....

Maybe this was a MMORPG project? =)

watcom assembly vertical retrace not being set

Windows dos box doesn't support vertical retrace.

bit twiddling multiply by 72

72-64=8, so we're taking n*64+n*8, or (n<<6)+(n<<3). It's not that hard.

can you explain how to express a xor b, where a and b are some conditions in terms of !, &&, and || operators?


common mistakes made with windows programming using visual c++6.0

I used to feel that visual studio got worse after 6.0, but it's gotten better since. Additionally, 6.0 has serious issues with multi-core machines, and the compiler is so bad at standards compared to the later ones that I really can't recommend it. And since the express editions are there for anyone to use, why use 6.0 anymore?

create a 3x3 word grid guessing game jframe application game in java using swing. the frame will have nine input fields to accept capital letters only from the user and any necessary control buttons etc.

This one gets the coveted 'most specific google search' prize.

how can i do write or read on screen directly with pointers and video segments and video offset in windows xp by c++?

You don't. Well, unless you're writing a kernel-mode driver, at least.

how old is direct draw 2


how to adjust fan speed vivarium

Depends on the fan. Many have a switch where you can pick low/med/hi. Alternatively you can reduce the voltage.

how to change terra nova strike force centauri graphics options

Through the graphics options?

how to know recent search term

I use google analytics.

how to make pixels smaller in a game

Use a higher display resolution.

how to output display at 1 hz with input of 20 hz using d flip flops

Divide, divide, divide.

how to put mmo games in your site

There's so many things wrong with this question, I don't know where to start.

how will you draw a circle with radius equal to 4 using midpoint circle drawing algorithm. find coordinates and fill table for the above calculations.

I first didn't mean to quote this obvious schoolwork question, but there were like eight different variations of it..

making 8 bit game music tutorial ludum dare

DrPetter, are you listening?

more chips in atanua

I haven't received any requests in ages.

my photoshp writes z instead of y

Wrong keyboard layout maybe?

removing all but the two least significant bits of each color component

Mask it.

what mode did the original dos use?

I'm fairly confident it was 80x25 text mode.

what should you do when your having your first sol

I dunno, drink it?

what would a structured query language tutorial teach


aatnua altanua ataanua atabua atacua atajua atamua atanatua atanaua atanau atanoa atanuan atanue atanula atanuna atauna athanua atnua atonua attanua atuana atuanua atunua tanua

That's colleciton of various misspellings of Atanua that still have found their way here.

after we added a new button a text field appear


ascii art swordsman

  o  /
 / >

cpu floating point operations cheaper than table lookups

Table lookups may cause data cache trashing. FPU ops generally don't.

figuring out requirements for your own mmorpg

Requirement: money. Amount: more than you have.

how internal memory of 8051 works

Blue smoke.

how linear interpolation actually moves

Step at a time.

how long to program a pixel game

Depends on your experience.

how run wing commander 4 with true color switch

From the command line.

how to assign vertices around the circle 3d programming

In a round manner.

how to blit lasers from sprites

Sharks! Sharks with friggin lasers!

how to draw alphabets in opengl

Either figure out how to generate polygonal alphabet or use a bitmap font and use it as a texture.

how to use atanua license

Follow the instructions in the email.

i have an idea for mmorpg what do i do next

Forget it and do something productive instead.

if i had the source code to a game for windows how easy would it be to port to mac?

Depends on how many platform dependencies there are. Doing d3d9->opengl conversion may be quite a lot of work, for instance.

java source code for interpolation of cracks in old paintings

Step 1: edge finding filter. Step 2: interpolate.

orbital eunuchs sniper too difficult

You have the sources, go fix it.

Aaand here's a homework-o-rama!

adding iodine solution to egg whites and waits for a color change how long does it take

in java write a program that displays a checkerboard in which each white and black cell is a jbutton with a background white or black

java write a program that displays a checker board in which each white and black cell is a jbutton with a back ground black or white.

explain how the terms bit,byte,nibble and word are related

"the line age" trauma source

No, sorry.

a program to output the word 'boy' athousand times in c-programming

I'm fairly certain writing the program would have taken less effort than doing the google search.

algorithm temporal dithering

Render, estimate error, send error forward in time, repeat.

atanua.real-time.logic.simulator crack

Please don't.

barrel shifter 32 bit explanation for project code

Step one: perform all possible shift operations at once. Step two: pick only the output that was desired.

can you make a spherical object out of triangles

Given enough triangles, you can at least do a pretty good approximation.

easiest way to map a sphere

Easiest? Use a spherical texture map.

how to play and add .wav file in memory 2.0 for telephone banking system

My confidence in telephone banking systems suddenly fell significantly.

how many words with the letters sol can u find

Turns out, quite a few. My dictionary lists 54 of them (ignoring genetives and plurals) under 'A' only, from "absolent" to "azoxyanisole"

how to become better at bit twiddling


how to draw circle horizontally and plot pixel points + opengl + sample coding

I'm pretty sure if you draw a circle horizontally, you end up with a line.

how to find out if direct draw is supported

Look at calendar. Is it 2011? Yes? Then direct draw isn't supported. Sorry.

how to make 7 segment decoder from 2 bit input

Using a shift register.

i want idea about projects is not made before now

First, take a subject. Then, research it. Find an idea, and check if nobody has done it before.

it looks like snow polynomials adding and subtracting

Quite trippy, in my opinion.

karnaugh map checkerboard

xor, if I recall correctly.

kinds of magic circle

Well, there's the lame ones, the cool-looking ones, and the ones that actually work, which nobody probably has never seen.

problem with lumex lcd only half of display prints

The lcd has two controllers, you're probably only talking to one of them.

waiters diploma

The what?

what does the website extension .fi mean?


what happened to

Lazy developer gave up development.

why is my daughter counting everything

Perhaps she's mathematically gifted?

write a c program that simulates a guessing game. each turn, you choose among nine possible guesses

Seriously, what's with all the homework searches?

writing graphic operating system from scratch

Don't mix graphical user interfaca and operating system. Do one or the other first.

ascii art table

   /            /
  /            /I
 /____________/ I
 I            I
 I            I

but i need some feedback about my portfolio from the people who have no idea about design stuff!


can you make your own game on the net


change background color of atanua

change work area background of atanua

Sounds like a feature request. How about either mailing me about it, or posting on the forums?

code to fix resolution of desktop application in .net even the resolution of system changes

Despite the relative verbosity of your question, I, unfortunately, have no idea what the heck are you talking about.

define data type nibble x; in java

There's two of them in every byte.

definition of lookup table in computer graphics

It's a table. You look up stuff from it. The fact you use it in computer graphics doesn't differ from any other use.

how does minecraft render?

I'd love to know. I have some ideas, but it would still be a fun read.

how to crack atanua

Trivially, I'm afraid. Please don't.

i need a better mmorpg

Get a life.

is game programming for me?

You'll only know after writing a few games, I guess.

my homework is to crack the code i dont know how can i just enter the code


0.5 hz/1hz/2hz flasher meaning

Someone who is indecent in public every 2 seconds / every second / twice per second.

a composer who decompress the file by dos


boolean search toxic waste when you throw out computer incorrectly


c programming-which parameters are related 2 left and right shift operators?


change 640x400 to 640x480 in dos

Add black stripes? Do some very ugly scaling?

does it matter if you hack cod

Depends what you're planning to do with said fish.

dual screen and playing game through dos

I don't remember anyone doing dual-screen games on DOS.. maybe some stats on the herc screen or something?

epic "missing variable type"


function to give mask for first 2 non zero (anything except 00) values in int.

More homework?

how do i get directdraw on windows 7?

Grab an ancient directx sdk, and hope it works. Better yet, skip directdraw and use OpenGL instead. It's likely to be around longer than any specific directx version.

how do i removing all but the two least significant bits of each color component

By masking the higher bits?

how do spring toys relate to physics

They're toys based on a well-known and fun physics phenomenon.

how do they make game graphics so good


how do you know how much gfx you have

Count them?

how long to waits for iki solution to egg whites to change color


how to calculate horizontal linear distance

x2 - x1

how to crack game for windows

With mad skillz? And some hardcore debugging tools, I presume.

how to find out if its a 16 bit or 32 bit int in c


how to get people to help you design your game

Talk to your friends. You have friends, don't you?

i want to create a project so i want idea for it

Here's a trick. Go for a walk. Several hours. No planned route. Just wander around. Don't try to think of anything specific. Things start popping in your mind after an hour or so.

immplementing logical negative

Logic is either true or false. Whichever you consider negative is your problem.

is trxt mode the samed as asci mode

yesr I thnq yyor coretc

orbital sniper project

I actually wrote a design doc for it some years ago. Requires crapton of base tech I haven't had time, inspiration or possibly skill to write.

rendering cubes by hand

Pen, paper, line rule, calculator.

self modifying code 8051

Only with specially wired hardware - basically ram and rom being the same chip. How you populate the ram before letting the 8051 run is something I leave for you to think about.

typomagia source currently a mess, as I left it in a middle of refactoring it towards multiplayer use.

we all have the one friend who takes too much solarium...

We do? Really? Who's mine?

what does flc mean?

FLiCk, a 8-bit animation file format produced by autodesk animator, I think. Replaces FLIck files, adding better compression and removing some limitations.

what happens when an 8 bit operation is called on a 16 bit variable


why is the sol website is not working

It was probably slashdotted at the time.

sdl increase number of pixels

Increase resolution.

why do we have .com, .net, .fi etc

Good question. It's all about hierarch.. wait a minute, how did that search end up on this site?

bitmap rotation scaling 486 cache

Hindsight 20/20, swizzled source material might have been a good idea.

eight bit value into single bit in c

Two liters of coca-cola in a two desilitre cup. Spills a bit.

galaxql 2.0 sucks

Thanks, I guess.

source code for putpixel

graphicsmemorypointer[memorylocationofpixel] = pixelcolor;

16m and 256k different


alien spoon in brain


can we register the same window class twice

No. Second attempt fails. Luckily, you can edit the window class on the fly with SetWindowLong and negative offsets. Yes, it's a hack. Yes, it's documented in MSDN. No, I'm not making this up.

circle drawing on fpga

currentpixelcolor = areweinsidethecircle()

death is just a step through window


develop game but dont know how to graphics

Learn "to graphics" then.

english is tough--simulated--how to introduce the stuff

I have no idea what's going on here.

fast colored ball sorter programing


final project of pizza hut in c++

I didn't realize they had programming in the pizza hut university..

for loop dividing a collection into two and calculate

Smells like school assignment..

gray code atanua download does this.

how to draw bones looks like diamonds programing c++


how to find the size of of any data type using bit manipulations

Set to 1, shift left until zero.

how to make my own 3d mmorpg with no experience and from scratch

Get experience.

how to write a program for karnaugh map in c++

Figure out how to do them by hand, devise algorithm step by step, and implement in C++. This applies to other things than karnaugh maps though.

is a keyboard hazardous waste

My first thought was about how dirty my keyboards are getting again, but in seriousness the keyboards do include electronics which may contain hazardous materials for the environment, so.. yes.

the bad girls from hinstance movie

Seriously, now.

videomode 16x16x16

I keep seeing this a lot. I have no idea what's behind it.

what are sols

You tell me.

why do people want to create projects

For the sense of accomplishment?

your karma hit my dogma meaning

It's a joke.

"bresenham line algorithm" "source code" open gl

If you're using OpenGL, which includes line primitives (ugly ones, granted), why are you looking into bressenham?

"fan for air, vivarium"

We use PC case fans. They're cheap and simple to use. Just plug in 12 volts.

"is graphics programming fun"

Beats analysing database access times, in my opinion. Although I guess that can be fun too.

"spherical heightmap"

Representing any map of a spherical object is tricky, heightmap or otherwise.

"tutorial, interpolate a simple animation"

Take position 1. Take position 2. Calculate delta (difference) between the two. Increment position 1 by a fraction of this delta until you reach position 2. That's it.

"why is putpixel(320+x,240-round(y),color) used in computer graphics"

I don't have any idea, really. I don't think you should. Instead, you should be drawing a bunch of pixels at once.

+animations +autodesk +flh

+animations +autodesk +flx

As far as I know, neither file formats are not in the wild. They are (supposedly) extended fli/flc files with 16 or 24bit color.

1 bit graphics programming in c

Do 8 pixels at once. It may get a bit tricky but it's doable.

1 point to start creating own mmorpg game


1) write a program to change the working mode from text to graphics and plot a pixel.

2. how will you draw a circle with radius equal to 4 using midpoint circle drawing algorithm. find coordinates and fill table for the above calculations.

develop a java program that simulates a game in which the program tries to guess that the number user has thought off

show how the binary counter with parallel load can be made to operate as a divide-by-12 counter

why discard values. can you state why you threw out the negative value when you solved for x?

write a program on saving money and interest on bloodshed dev c++

bloodshed dev c program example on calculating the years of saving amount

Do your own homework.

64k demo mac

Use a small icon. =)

a thousand pardons affendi origin

I took it from hero's quest 2, don't know the actual origin.

aero will use the solsole mode


are demos still written in assembly

Sometimes. Rarely. On exotic (or legacy) platforms all the time. Also in some performance-critical places, as well as when doing size optimization.

atanua velleman does not work

And you didn't consider sending me a mail about it?

bachelor thesis display checkerboard vga controller

Doesn't sound like a much of a thesis to me.. more like a FPGA course project, and a simple one even then.

gta 4 how to make english language

Buy the English version?

how force win xp vesa framebuffer video mode

You don't. XP doesn't work that way. There's no access to the video BIOS the same way it was possible in DOS and win9x.

how is bit manipulation faster than arithmetic

Bits get toggled. Arithmetic needs to understand values. That's how I'd see it.

how to create mmorpg characters in html


how to draw a game screen without doing per-pixel stuff

Draw sprites instead, or something. Blit stuff. Draw textured rectangles.

how to draw cubes with bits missing

Alpha textures? Of course you'll get sorting issues, but you can solve those by first rendering backfaces and then the front ones.

how to get people to come to your mmo


how to make a good graphics on a game


how to run terra nova: strike force centauri in 64-bit


how to stop the glass fogging vivarium

Increase airflow.

how to wait for vertical retrace in vesa mode

There was a VESA call for that, but in practise I used the VGA retrace registers, seemed to work everywhere.

i want to design my own mmo

What's stopping you? Just pick pen and paper and off you go. Implementing your design is a different matter..

movement of blood through cells using opengl source code

That's... quite specific.

parallax formula game programming

Scroll different layers at different speeds. A simple multiplier of the primary layer is enough.

sdl how to make gun crosshairs drift

Add some interpolated noise to it.

small example code on 'opengl' very small successfully compiled

Sadly, this depends on the platform.

"extremely simple" ascii art


a company that make stuff for you

Uh.. all of them?

auto-contrast filter code

This is a bit tricky. Basically you need a histogram of the image you want to adjust contrast of, and then scale it. You may wish to apply some curve to the scaling to fix possible gamma issues. If correcting video feed, apply plenty of low pass filtering to avoid irritating artifacts.

big fan generator

Do something outrageous, and make sure you get a lot of publicity from it. Whatever it is, you're bound to get fans. Even serial killers have fans, for some odd reason.

bug webcam logitech vertical white stripes dots

Sounds like either broken hardware, or you're pointing the camera directly at a light source.

c doesnot have bit rotation

Sad but true.

can additional components be added to atanua logic simulator


can i sell sdl games


can you make fractals using the golden rule

What does the categorical imperative have to do with graphics?

create a bootloader program which displays a circle in graphics mode using lines first filled with green color and then it clears screen and display the circle again filled with red color. after this, it again clears screen and prompts for 10 values less than 10 and then display their sum.

Do your own homework.

does shadow the hedgehog have fangs

In all the images I could find of said character with google image search, it seems to have its mouth shut, so that's a good question.

error! video mode 16x16x16 not available

That's one tiny screen you're trying to create. Try it without the fullscreen flag, and it just might work. No guarantees though; windows, at least, has some limitations on how small window you can create, at least if you want the window to be decorated.

find an mmo developer for your idea

Now, this is one great business idea. Shovelware MMOs built to order!

finished making character for mmorpg what next

Uh, using google is easier than picking up the manual?

game ground graphics looks like snow

Try white. Maybe with a slight tint of blue. The difficulty of portraying snow "correctly" comes from the fact that each of your eyes sees snow differently. Maybe with stereo 3d rendering, one day..

hotness function

if (!old_and_busted()) new_hotness();

how many chips in 2kb?

That sort of depends. On things.

how much does it cost to get a team of workers to create a mmo

If you need to ask, you can't afford it.

how much money can you make off a mmorpg

If even the top dog is having financial problems..

how to create a c program that simulates a game in which the program tries to guess that the number user has thought off.

Do your own homework.

how to get rid of the sleep key on keyboard

Screwdriver works pretty well. Depends on the keyboard.

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