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DirectX8, Fmod and CFL

Update 2010:

Yet another mostly outdated tutorial. I hope it's still of some use to someone.


Here's another simple tutorial. I wanted to write a tutorial to show how simple CFL use is, and I haven't seen any tutorials that really put several things together, so here we go.

As usual, this tutorial starts simply and builds on the things in earlier chapters. One thing is different though; I don't replicate the source completely in the tutorial itself, but you can open them as separate browser windows. I used (the now defunct) Lore's source converter to do the c to html conversions.

As a word of warning, I haven't had too much time to play with directx8 yet, so the bits about dx8 may not portray the best possible solutions. Also, dx8 drivers are not too ready yet..

From here you can download:

19k - sources in a zip

293k - media files in a zip

502k - compiled binaries in a zip

371k - final application separately (2 files, but that's all that's needed!)

1253k - the whole bonanza, including these pages and all the above zips

Please note that the fmod.dll in 'bin' and 'final' packages is not a standard fmod dll; please do not distribute it. See chapter 4 for details.

But let's begin..

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