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VFSBench results

This page is no longer being updated. Please don't send me new values. (Who runs palm os anymore anyway?)

I'm leaving this page online in case someone find old data like this interesting.

These benchmark values have been generated with VFSBench, VFS volume benchmark for PalmOS devices.

The results themselves have been reported by several people. Due to the inaccuracy of any benchmarking process, these values should only be taken as a guideline. It's still surprising that different cards are orders of magnitude faster than others.

The benchmark itself generates one 1MB file, and writes data to it in 4KB blocks, timing the result. As a benchmark, actual usage of a card (or any other media) may yield different results.

Please note, that if you run the benchmark (which you'll be doing at your own risk), the benchmark will take some time to run. Especially with the cards that have a write speed of less than 1MBps the benchmark may take surprisingly long time to finish.

It used to be able to add to this list, by reporting your scores by emailing me. Any results, even slower than ones on the list, were accepted. I was especially interested in results generated with other PalmOS devices than the Zodiac.

Card typeDeviceSlotRead speed KBpsWrite speed KBps
Transcend 45x SD 256MBZodiac2Slot 152,75825,850
Transcend 45x SD 256MBZodiac2Slot 236,09917,829
Kingston Elite Pro 512MB (Toshiba)Zodiac2Slot 150,15616,178
SanDisk Ultra II 256MBZodiac2Slot 144,47214,623
SanDisk Ultra II 256MBZodiac2Slot 133,39013,927
Kingston Elite Pro 512MB (Toshiba)Zodiac2Slot 236,23513,005
SanDisk Ultra II 256MBZodiac2Slot 234,15812,110
SanDisk Ultra II 256MBZodiac2Slot 232,00711,054
ATP 64MBPalm Zire 729,74210,761
SanDisk SD 2GBPalm Zire 7217,7069,731
SanDisk SD 2GBPalm Zire 7217,7169,737
Kingston Elite Pro 512MBTungsten T327,6857,275
SanDisk 512MBPalm Zire 7218,1476,842
Kingston 512MB SD (Toshiba)Tungsten T28,9954,304
Lexar High-Speed 32x (Rebranded Panasonic) 256mbZodiac1Slot 144,2673,994
PANASONIC 256MBZodiac2Slot 233,4873,799
Lexar High-Speed 32x (Rebranded Panasonic) 256mbZodiac1Slot 233,4203,761
Lexar MMC 16MBZodiac2Slot 116,0241,727
SANDISK 512MBZodiac2Slot 139,4751,544
Lexar MMC 16MBZodiac2Slot 210,2991,282
ridata pro 1GB 66x SDSprint treo 65022,9511,155
LEXAR 256MB (Not Lexar High Speed)Zodiac2Slot 143,1291,016
SANDISK 512MBZodiac2Slot 138,326840
Fujifilm SD 64MBZodiac2Slot 124,385508
Fujifilm SD 64MBZodiac2Slot 222,998504
Dane-Elec 512MB SD (Toshiba)Tungsten E2

(OC'd 333MHz)
Dane-Elec 512MB SD (Toshiba)Tungsten E26,009430
Kingston 512MBPalm Zire 7218,355344
Kingston 256MBZodiac2Slot 150,231114
Smart 128MB (Toshiba)Zodiac2Slot 150,610105
Smart 128MB (Toshiba)Zodiac2Slot 237,850105
Viking 256MBZodiac2Slot 237,95799
Dane-Elec 256MB SD (Toshiba)Zodiac2Slot 152,10391

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