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Version 0.8 for Windows

What Is Typomagia! ?

Generate mana and conjure up powerups and monsters to fight for you - by typing!

Typomagia! is a game in which everything happens using the keyboard.

Even the menus operate only using the keyboard. Select an option using the left and right cursor keys, pick value for the option using the up and down cursor keys, and press enter to activate.

You can choose from several word lists depending on what you want to practise - or for a bit more challenge, you can choose a more complicated word list (like the chemistry).

Inside the game, you generate mana by typing the words that appear on screen. Once you've got enough, you can cast spells, again, by typing the spell name.

The primary way of fighting your opponent is to conjure up monsters.

Imps are cheap and move fast, but they don't do much damage, and are easily overwhelmed.

Orcs are balanced in both speed and strength.

Trolls are slow, but can take a lot of beating before dying.

Additionally, you can cast powerups. Powerups will affect the next monster you summon.

Faster makes the monster faster.

Stronger makes increases the damage the monster makes.

Tougher lets the monster take more gamage before dying.

Regenerating heals the monster in time.

The game also sports a story mode, where you guide an apprentice wizard on an epic journey of 20 chapters of increasing difficulty.


Typomagia! comes with a few word lists, but you can easily create new ones. At startup, Typomagia! looks for text files in the wordlist folder.

The word list files are plain ASCII format files (easily created using notepad), and contain one word per line. No special characters please! Also don't include any of the words used by Typomagia! spells, as that would be confusing.

If you create some interesting word lists that you'd like to share, send me mail!

Gimme All Your Money

Typomagia! is free software, but you can support the development in several ways.

  • Spread the word! Mention about this program in your school, blog, discussion forum, magazine, etc. The more feedback I get, the more likely it is that I keep developing it.

  • Check the Ko-Fi store Buy a service

  • Check out my other cool stuff Feel free to browse my site; if you like Typomagia!, it's likely you'll find a couple other gems here as well.

Typomagia! also comes without any kind of warranty. If it breaks, you have the pieces. Feel free to email me, as there may be some bug that I've missed, but I won't promise anything.


Typomagia! requires hardware OpenGL support. In most cases, any issues with it are solved by installing the latest video drivers - please check the web site of your video card manufacturer.

If you run Typomagia! and it's horribly slow, check the OpenGL info on the top left corner of the screen while in main menu. If the info says that you're using the Microsoft software renderer, you most likely do not have the correct drivers installed.

As ID software also uses OpenGL, checking the customer support questions for their games may help you with Typomagia!.

Version History

  • 0.8 - options, opengl info in main menu
  • 0.7 - initial public release

Any comments etc. can be emailed to me.