tAAt 2011 new year demo breakdown writeup

The only time (so far) I've done a tAAt new year's demo all by myself:

You may say that it's a good thing I use other people for things that are less my forte, like music. This was after I'd been playing with a midi keyboard for a while; I think the music turned out fine, considering how little experience I had (or still have) making music. I wanted to go for "cold" in general; apart from having a bit too fast pace I think the result was decent.

The music was composed with a lite version of ableton live which happened to come with my midi keyboard, with some instruments that came with it. I've bought NI Komplete 8 since, and played around much more; I think making such a soundtrack now might actually be more difficult than back when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing..

The effect itself is relatively simple. Calculate particle positions for the text, extrapolate back a bit, and let the particles go. I think I tried to go for a few parallax levels but something is off.

Not one of my better ones.

Comments, questions, etc. appreciated.