DialogTree (d3)

Game dialog tree middleware engine

What Is This?

D3 is an implementation of a "dialog tree" mechanism that can be used in various game types, mostly adventure or RPG ones for simulating conversations, or as is to create "choose your adventure" type multiple choise games or storybook-style games (like some Japanese dating sims).

I started pondering about the mechanics of a dialog tree engine when I realized that several game concepts I had pondered about depended on having such a thing. So why not making it modular enough for other people to use as well?

I spent some time pondering what would be the minimal set of data that's actually needed, and I think the set that I've defined pretty much covers everything, even though the list is rather small.

After all, perfection is achieved when nothing can be removed. =)


Here are some downloads related to the d3 engine. All binaries are for windows unless mentioned otherwise. D3 is still a work in progress, although I don't think version 1.0 is too far off. Use at your own risk, etc.

Note that everything related to d3 is designed to be portable, including the editor. Anyone want to give me an intel mac so I can do a mac port? =)



D3 engine sources

  • Proper directory structure for the release
  • Premake script added
  • Pre-built dll for non C users
  • Removed reference to _strdup completely, should make porting slightly less painful



D3 Studio 110808 ALPHA

  • "Close deck" added
  • Setting first card should now work
  • When tag fields are not visible, checkbox for "selectable only once" is shown, which controls the existence of an autotag on the question.
  • Added "move up" and "move down" buttons to answers so its possible to reorder them.

Older versions (in case of regression)



D3 Studio 110723 ALPHA

Second release

  • Changed version numbering to simple date (YYMMDD)
  • Custom binary .d3 saving and loading implemented



D3 engine sources

Second release, some bugfixes, malloc guards and an optimization.



D3 engine sources

Initial release of the engine source code. Minimal testing did not show any problems, but I wouldn't be surprised if some bugs are left in. Only ".d3" format loader has been implemented so far.



D3 Studio 0.2 ALPHA

First experimental version of the D3 dialog editor. Lots of missing functionality, and plenty of ways to shoot yourself in the foot. Use at your own risk! XML and json saving and loading implemented.

Comments, etc, appreciated, as always.