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The What?

Since I can't ask for donations due to the Finnish law (I'd need a "money-gathering license", usually given to specific charity organizations), I figured I'd make a wishlist of stuff I'd like to get if someone feels like supporting me.

Most of the things I'm listing here are related to further development of things you already find on this site, or similar stuff. Others are just.. well, fun. =)

Part of the reason I'm listing these is that someone might feel like supporting me, and the other part is that for some people the following are not all that expensive (such as if you happen to have something to do with the manufacturer, and a new version makes older ones obsolete, nudge nudge wink wink), and well, who knows.

Feel free to mail me for any questions.

The List!

First off, I love reciving games on steam. List of my current steam games is available here. I naturally also buy games outside steam, so if you want to make sure I don't already have a game and/or don't want to surprise me, toss me a mail first.

Next, here's a short list of stuff I'd love to get, but can't really justify the cost. Note that most of these things are rather expensive, but may not be expensive for certain people (such as manufacturers of said things).

  • Personal 3d printer

  • A small (A4 sized work area) cnc machine would be neat, but I don't know if such even exists

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